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One of the great things about writing daft poetry is that you get to meet some genuinely friendly, happy people who just want to make you smile and brighten up the day. Please find below some sites that are run by some lovely daft friends and are well worth a visit. Please be sure to come back to this site often.


The best funny poetry site I have come across is It is run by Arcadia Flynn, a very gifted Australian poet who will have your chuckle muscles working overtime! Submissions are encouraged to this exceptionally friendly site.

Click here to go to

Stupid Poetry has a sister site (Yes, there's a family!) called 'Thudding Mushrooms & Airborne Vegetables'. This webzine features some of my favourite imaginary characters and contains hard-hitting news, a sports page, an problem page, a gossip column, a shop that you can't buy from, a what's on guide and much more.

Click here to visit Thudding Mushrooms & Airborne Vegetables.

You will remember Mr Krayzie who has a touching poem about a moo-cow featured on this site. Well, he has his own very funny website that features some really amusing pages. WARNING: I wee'd my pants a bit laughing at one page on this site.

Click here to visit Mr Krayzie's 'I Am Crazy' website.

Adam Taylor is Poet in Residence at Yahoo!UK. In addition to this he has appeared on TV and radio and has had more poems published than you could wave a stick at. Adam's personal web site,, is highly recommended.

Click here to visit Adam at

Nick Blackburn is a very talented bloke. His web site,, has it's own poetry corner. It is well worth a visit. I may go on holiday there.

Click here to visit Nick Blackburn's Poetry Corner at

Jasmine Maddock is not only a vibrant and unique poet, she is also an extremely talented artist. Makes you sick, doesn't it?! To view some of her fabulous paintings, visit the link below.

Click here to view Jasmine's paintings at

Dry Stone Wall is a site where you can find links to comedic sites and get a cool email address

Click here to visit Paul's Dry Stone Wall site.

I strongly recommend you spend a while visiting MarySue Searles site, Kaleidoscope Moon.

Click here to visit MarySue's superb site.